Crypto faces legal reckoning as SEC prepares action against Coinbase

The SEC has informed Coinbase that it plans to sue the company for allegedly violating a series of investor protection laws, the company said this week. An eventual SEC lawsuit against the largest US crypto exchange could help determine the future shape of exchanging dollars for digital tokens such as bitcoin, ether or polkadot. It … Read more

Rivian is bringing more engineers to the Illinois EV plant to speed up production

Electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian Automotive Inc. RIVN -0.66% is moving parts of its production engineering team to its Illinois plant as part of a reorganization aimed at speeding up production, according to a person familiar with the plan. The reorganization is expected to be announced shortly and will result in a significant portion of the … Read more

Israeli judicial overhaul pits secular, religious communities against each other

BNAI BRAK, Israel — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is advancing rapidly on a judicial review plan that could begin final consideration by parliament next week as debate over the legislation exposes deep rifts between Israel’s secular and religious communities. Over the past three months, protests against the legislation have mobilized hundreds of thousands of people … Read more

Exercise can be the best antidepressant

Psychologist Susan Pinker investigates new discoveries in the science of human nature. Read previous columns here. One of the highlights of my pandemic work week was the zoom workout I did with a dozen fellow swimmers when we lost access to our pool. Most aspects of my life were turned upside down, but the 7:45 … Read more

Saudi Arabia, Syria close to resuming ties in Russia-brokered talks

DUBAI — Saudi Arabia and Syria are closing in on an agreement to restore diplomatic ties after talks brokered by Russia, according to Saudi and Syrian officials familiar with the discussions, as Middle East geopolitics shift. Talks continued in recent weeks after rounds of discussion in Moscow and Riyadh, the officials said. If an agreement … Read more

Regional banks are getting the attention, but the concerns are greater, says former top supervisor

Regional banks should not be the only source of concern for potential fallout from the fast pace of rate hikes by the Federal Reserve over the past year, a former banking supervisor said. “I don’t see regional banks having a specific problem,” said Sheila Bair, who ran the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. from 2006 to … Read more

Elon Musk’s neighbors in New Texas are alarmed by his massive development plans

BASTROP, TEXAS— Elon Musk’s companies are opening facilities across the country that come with promises of skilled jobs and economic growth. But some residents of this mostly rural area near Austin are watching in horror as farmland turns into industrial development. Musk’s tunneling company, the Boring Company, and the space transportation company known as SpaceX, … Read more

Ukraine sees Russian losses in Bakhmut as paving the way for the spring offensive

Ukraine said the Russian offensive against Bakhmut was gathering steam, though heavy fighting continued, as Kiev tried to explain its decision to defend the eastern Ukrainian city. Russia’s heavy casualties paved the way for Ukraine to launch its own offensives this spring, the commander of Ukraine’s ground forces, Colonel General Oleksandr Syrsky, said Thursday. “They … Read more

China says it will oppose a forced sale of TikTok

A TikTok ad on Union Station in Washington, D.C., addresses concerns about users’ security and privacy. Photo: Nathan Howard/Bloomberg News Updated March 23, 2023 at 8:01 AM ET BEIJING — China said it would strongly oppose any forced sale of TikTok, marking the first time it responded to the Biden administration’s demand that the video … Read more

Nvidia stock hits best winning streak since 2007 as AI advantage called ‘insurmountable’

Nvidia Corp. is in a unique position to take advantage of what has been dubbed an artificial intelligence revolution, analysts claim. At Nvidia NVDA annual GTC developer conference, the gaming chip specialist rolled out a slew of hardware and software products ready to be the picks and spades of the current AI gold rush, forming … Read more